Essay Tips

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Essay Tips

Writing outstanding essays will play an important part throughout your university life. Not all students are essay writers and some need help with doing assignments. Here are some useful essay tips that will make your essay stand out from the crowd.

  1. Choose the right topic: The subject you choose to write on will play a crucial role in the quality of your essay; so choose a topic that you know the most about.
  2. Do your research: read in and around the topic starting with the most recent literature on the subject- as this will give you a ready insight in to earlier readings.
  3. Create an outline: Start with the thesis and then decide on the supporting points that can validate your thesis statement. Verify your argument by summing it up in your conclusion.
  4. Followthe format: If you have been asked to write in an MLA format-you will need to type the essay in Times New Roman or Courier New font with double spacing. One of the most useful essay tips is to make your essay more reader friendly. You will also need 1” margins with adequate referencing. If you have been asked to research seven sources, do not end up with four as you will loose marks.
  5. Give proper citations: Refer to online electronic journals and cross check the accuracy of in-text citations. Referring to electronic journal scan take the legwork out of essay writing.
  6. Use transition words/phrases: one of the most important essay tips is that you should make sure one point flows logically from another.
  7. Practice makes perfect: do not get discouraged if your first few college essays fail to meet the mark. Learn from your mistakes and ask your professor for some constructive criticism.
  8. Read the instructions carefully: if it is a three page essay- do not add an extra page. Word limits count. So say what you need to by getting straight to the point. One of the most crucial essay tips is to keeping your thinking clear. Remember that confused thinking leads to confused essays.
  9. Draw a diagram: in which you indicate interconnecting thoughts with lines
  10. Organize your ideas: as this will indicate that you are an organized person.
  11. Do not procrastinate: Sticking to the deadline is a forerunner amongst essay tips. The time to get started on your essay is now. That way you can meet the deadline well in time and save yourself needless worry and tension

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