10 Page Term Paper


10 Page Term Paper

Are you intimidated by the task of writing a 10 page term paper? Then you may find it helpful to break the task into smaller units. This article proposes an example of how it is possible to organize the structure of a 10 page term paper and break it down into smaller paragraphs, which will normally work out to 10-12 pages. If you are in need of professionally written term paper, you may confidently buy custom assignments at our site! When you buy custom paper at our site, you pay for professional paper writing service!

One of the most complicated things about writing a 10 page term paper is that there is no set order in which the elements should be written. So, one of the most important steps for you to take is to break the story into smaller sections. Write down a topic sentence for each planned paragraph, and get down to working out a hypothesis. This all may be changed while writing your 10 page term paper. Your hypothesis may also be changed in the course of finding new evidence.

Try to keep your thesis statement flexible as it will help you formulate it better. Your thesis will show you the ways in which to organize your evidence.

The structure of a 10 page term paper

Introduction (2 paragraphs)

The first paragraph of your 10 page term paper poses the problem under consideration. Usually, it overviews briefly the historical background of the topic and explains why it needs interpretation. This paragraph should end with the thesis statement which should be one sentence summary of your main idea.

Main Body (3 × 6 = 18 paragraphs)

Each body paragraph of the 10 page term paper should begin with a topic sentence that proves both the main point of the paragraph and the thesis statement of the paper. Each section of the main body should represent different points of view in a debate. For example, Section I may state one side of the position in the discussion; Section II may present the opposing viewpoint, etc. It is also reasonable to write all eighteen topic sentences first, and then flesh them out.

Conclusion (2 paragraphs)

The first paragraph of your conclusion should reiterate your thesis statement explaining why it has merit. The second paragraph presents the outcomes of your research. Here, you should tell whether your expectations from research coincide with the results achieved.

Keep to the structure presented above, and you will never have troubles with writing the 10 page term paper. Dot not forget about an opportunity to buy a term paper writing help at our site! We can help you with writing!

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