A Persuasive Essay on Cloning


A Persuasive Essay on Cloning

Well, this time you have to write a persuasive essay on cloning, and it seems there are so many issues that might be covered in your paper. Still, you do not know what position is better to take and how to persuade the reader in the accuracy of your viewpoint. Then, read this article and take advantages of the hints for writing a persuasive essay on cloning presented here.

In order to write a good persuasive essay on cloning, you need to know what actually your main purpose is. Actually, writing a persuasive essay means that you have to state your position on a certain problem and provide enough evidences to support it, thus, incline the reader to accept your point of view. Below several problems that you may raise in your persuasive essay on cloning are presented.

  • The advantages of cloning
  • If you are a supporter of cloning, this idea is just for you. You will have to prove that cloning is not as bad as many people tend to think, and it has a lot of advantages.
  • The cost of cloning: a threat to individuality and diversity
  • If you are against human cloning, we advise you discuss this problem in your persuasive essay on cloning. In order to attract the readers attention from the very beginning, include a question into the introductory part of your persuasive essay on cloning, e.g. Have the modern generation of people come too far too fast?
  • Human cloning is unethical
  • One more problem for you to investigate in case you are against cloning is to discuss the unethical nature of cloning. You may start with a historical overview of cloning and the purpose for which the experiment was conducted. Then, explain how purely scientific purposes of cloning turned into an amusement for people. Provide real life examples in your persuasive essay on cloning.
  • Human cloning should be permitted
  • If you decide to support this statement in your persuasive essay on cloning, give reasonable explanations for why you think cloning should be permitted. One of the possible reasons to give in your persuasive essay on cloning is that cloning can help the terminal patients survive.

Some secrets to make your persuasive essay on cloning impressive

  • Mind your tone;
  • Provide statistical data;
  • Give real life examples;
  • Focus on facts.

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