ACT Essay


What is an ACT essay?

It is a part of the ACT college entrance exam, students should write this essay in thirty minutes. Students should be attentive and original, because writing means that further study life depends on the grade, which they receive. They should remember that this type of essay differs from high school essays, which concentrate on several stages of writing. As for an ACT essay, students do not have too much time for writing, so they may pass some of ordinary processes; however, it is necessary to know what stages exactly may be.

If you are in for writing an ACT essay, but do not have ideas how to cope with thoughts and structure of an essay, you are in the right place and in the right time, because our experts will share with you some secrets and tips how to write an ACT essay.

30 MINUTES for Writing an ACT Essay Division:

  • 5 MINUTES – PREVIEWING. You will get the prompt for writing an ACT essay, in which the certain hints regard what you should write about, will be stated. Read this prompt attentively, try to understand each point and analyze what you can present to the committee, basing on your knowledge. Read the prompt for the second time and be sure that you get to know from a little paragraph or two necessary tips for further writing. You should touch upon each aspect of the prompt – only in this case, you will get a good grade.
  • 5 MINUTES – OUTLINE. You should not write too much, just state a couple of words per each structure part. Use a standard 5-paragraph essay, which contains the introductory part, the three body parts and the conclusive part. This time-consuming stage of ACT Essay writing should help you to structure your thoughts according to the rules.
  • 3 MINUTES –THE INTRODUCTION WRITING. Present our topic, begin with something what captures readers’ attention. Then make up your clear thesis sentence, which will tell about central three of four points of further discussion. Use transitional words and sentences.
  • 7 MINUTES –THE BODY PART WRITING. As you have taken a certain position regard the subject in the introductory part, you may proceed to explanation of your thoughts. You have three paragraphs to present each of important points of discussion thorough. Use a topic sentence in each body part and a transitional sentence to the next aspect.
  • 5 MINUTES – THE CONCLUSION WRITING. Here you state how each of described aspects supports your position. In addition, it gives a summary of written aspects.
  • 5 MINUTES – REVISION AND EDITING. These two words speak for themselves. You need to read your essay carefully and correct some mistakes in writing.

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