APA Essay Format


APA Essay Format

One of the first things you should keep in mind while writing APA essay format is proper cover page.  In addition to putting your name in the middle of the cover page, you need to write down the running head as well as header.  Next, APA essay format requires a short abstract (max. 120 words) and no outline.  Regarding referencing, you should use Author Date style for indirect quotes and Author Date Page for direct quotes. If you need help writing your essay in APA format, try our custom essay writing services.  Buy-Custom-Essay.org is your guide to professional essay writing.  Essay writing assignments are easy with our help!

Sample Essay on Descartes

The role of Rene Descartes was very different from that of Francis Bacon. The great French thinker was the first in modern times to produce a complete and effective theory of the Universe. This became widely current. Though this scheme did not hold the field for long, yet the thought of Descartes exercised the most profound influence on the whole subsequent course of science. His general view of the universe covered also the living things therein. To the physical and mathematical sciences Descartes made important contributions that are of biological application. Notably, the so-called Cartesian co-ordinates, in constant biological use for graphic methods, were introduced by him and still bear his name. He exercised direct influence on physiological thought, through his Traité de l'homme. This book, though not published till after its author's death was complete by 1637 and was thus the first important work to accept the circulation of the blood.

Descartes is usually regarded as the founder of modern philosophy. In his fascinating Discourse on Method he expounds the procedure that he pro posed to adopt in his own investigations. The substance of this is still recommended to the scientific worker, though often with less succinctness than characterized Descartes. He resolved:

 a.        'Never to accept anything as true which I do not clearly know to be such, avoiding precipitancy and prejudice and comprising nothing more in my judgment than is absolutely clear and distinct in my mind.

b.         'To divide each difficulty under examination into as many parts as possible.

c.         'To proceed in my thoughts always from the simplest and easiest to the more complex, assigning in thought a certain order even to those objects which in their nature do not stand in a relation of antecedence and sequence -- i.e., to seek relation everywhere.

d.         'To make enumerations so complete and reviews so general that I might be assured that nothing was omitted.'

Descartes believed that truth is ascertainable solely by the application of these principles. His field of ascertainable truth includes that occupied by religion. This point is important for the subsequent history of science. If he be right, revealed religion is superfluous, since the data of religion should be ascertainable by the same process as the data of science. This was widely held, especially in the eighteenth century. Those who took this view came to be known as Deists. The school to which they belong has exercised great influence on the development of science.

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