APA Style Essay


APA Style Essay

You can be asked to write an academic paper or essay in a number of formats-these include MLA style, APA, Harvard and more. No matter which style you are writing in it always makes better sense to choose a topic on which you are an expert because it is much easier to write an essay on a topic on which you have adequate knowledge. Here are the parts that go in to the writing of an APA style essay

General requirements

The APA style is most often used for writing psychology papers. An APA style essay should be written in 12 point Times New Roman, Courier New or Arial font with double spacing and one inch margins on all sides. You should also make sure that the page numbers are visible on the top right corner of the paper. An APA style essay should start with a title page and end with a reference list. It should be written in the active rather than the passive voice.  E.g "We felt that ..." instead of "It was felt that ..."

The basic parts of an APA style essay should include: the Title Page, the Abstract, the body paragraphs, references, appendixes, the footnotes, and tables.

The title page

The title page should be numbered as page 1.It should contain the title of the paper centered on the page in upper and lower case letters, followed by the name of the student, the department and the university-in that order

The abstract page

This is page 2 of yourAPA style essay. The abstract mainly consists of aparagraph that briefly summarizes the key elements your APA style essay.The paragraph should be headed with the word ‘Abstract’ that should be centered on the first line below the running head and page number that appears on the right hand corner of an APA style essay. The abstract should consist of 150 to 250 words.

The body

This is page 3 of yourAPA style essay. It begins with the title of the paper (in uppercase and lowercase letters) to be centered on the first line below the running head and page number on the right hand side. The title should be followed by the introduction positioned immediately below the centered title.

The body content can be divided by sub-heads like:

  • Analysis
  • Method
  • Limitations of the study
  • Results and the discussion

Lastly, end your APA style essay with a conclusion that concisely sums up all the findings and ends with a bibliography on the last page, with all the references documented according to the APA stipulations

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