Argumentative Essay Help


Argumentative Essay Help

To write an argumentative essay means to show that your opinion or hypothesis about a certain phenomenon or problem is more correct than any other one. Some people think that it is not really difficult to argue the opinion successfully and they are always surprised when others do not consider their logic to be correct. Actually, argumentation is really a difficult skill to acquire. Still, with the help of this article you will manage to master the art of argumentation and learn writing good argumentative essays. Moreover, you may also order custom essay services online and get your argumentative essay written from scratch by experienced argumentative essay writers!

Argumentative essay writing is the process of forming reasons, making deductions, and drawing conclusions. Your purpose is to include all that into discussion and provide propositions not admitted as true. Without doing this your essay will be regarded as your unsubstantiated point of view. Mind that you do not have to convince the reader accept your point of view as the only correct one but rather to prove that it has merit.

Argumentative essay structure

1.    Introduction

In the introductory part of the argumentative essay, you have to state your assertion, its timeliness, significance, and relevance to the problem or phenomenon under discussion.

2.    Main Body

The main body of the argumentative essay consists of two main parts. One of them should critically review the literature devoted to the problem/phenomenon under consideration. The other part of your argumentative essay should illustrate how your hypothesis is simpler or more explanatory that others. To do it, you can also use more reliable or valid methods of data interpretation.

3.    Conclusion

The final part of your argumentative essay should sum up the results of your research. Some students tend to think that a good conclusion may just be the restatement of the thesis statement. As a result, reduced grades are something that surprises them much. Actually, you do not have to restate your thesis in the final part of the argumentative essay but rather to explain what you have come up to after having done deep research on the problem.

The final step of argumentative essay writing is revising and editing. We also recommend you check whether you applied the critical process to your argument to make sure you have not committed any mistakes in reasoning the fallacies for which you would criticize other writers.

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