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The biological sciences were not in any way exempt. For with an infinite universe as a postulate, does not the adventure of science take on an entirely new character? There can now be no hope of complete comprehension. Is not the field boundless? Science is no longer a sea to be explored and mapped. Seas, even oceans, can be crossed, but for science there is no further shore. The task before the medieval encyclopedist had been regarded as vast but susceptible of ultimate accomplishment. Complete knowledge could be attained by extension of the old method. The stress now came to be laid on intensiveness. Specialism became possible, and, though its day was not yet, its advent was inevitable. The 'infinite universe' rang the death knell of the encyclopedist. But more, it rang in a new era not for religion and philosophy alone but also for science. Of that era Descartes was a herald.

There is much evidence that we are now living at the very end of the scientific era which Descartes initiated, and that radically new conceptions are dawning for science. It is at least probable that we shall need, in the near future, to revise our views as to the scope and end of science. It is certain that scientific methods are being subjected to more searching analysis than ever before.

For the completion of the system of Descartes, it was necessary for him to include the phenomena presented by living things. He was not wholly unsuccessful in this, though we must, for the moment, defer their consideration (p. 358). But a very important point for us here is that, by their attitude toward science, Descartes and Bacon became the progenitors of the associations known as the 'Scientific Societies' or 'Academies' (p. 136). The essence of a scientific academy may be summed up in two words 'organization' and 'specialization'. The organization of scientific effort was explicit in the system of Bacon, the specialization of scientific effort was implicit in the philosophy of Descartes.

For the extension of natural knowledge, science has come to depend, more and more, upon co-operative effort. Patrons of learning played an important part in the earlier period. They were the progenitors of the Academies. Very helpful to scientific advance have been Collections of living things in botanical and zoological gardens, Museums where specimens can be studied and inspected, and scientific Journals in which the results of research can be set forth. Apart from these means of communicating and preserving knowledge, we must note that a new attitude toward nature came in with the advent of the microscope.

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