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Persuasive Essay

If you are assigned to write a persuasive essay, the first thing you should keep in mind is that your purpose is to incline the reader accept your point of view. In order to make an excellent persuasive essay, you need to have three things: writing skills, firm position on a problem under consideration, and several useful tips on how to write persuasive essays. So, below effective tips for persuasive essay writing are given.

·        Read as much as possible

You have to be well-informed about the topic, so, collect enough relevant material including facts, opinions, and statistics. Remember, the sources should be valid. Make use of the recent research papers, newspapers, scientific journals, and books. A lot of helpful information can be found on educational or governmental websites. Still, some sites with “.com” domain can also be much useful and quite reliable, for example, the official website of National Geographic.

·        Develop a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is something that you consider to be true. Do not take the position you disagree with, otherwise, you will fail to persuade the reader in accuracy of your viewpoint. When formulating a thesis statement for the persuasive essay, it is also necessary not to be too wordy. One or two sentences are quite enough for the reader to get your idea.

·        Test your thesis

A persuasive essay needs a sort of controversy, it should call a desire for debates and discussion in the reader, and your thesis statement plays an important role in it. So, read your thesis statement to someone – if any questions like “Why?” arise in your listener’s mind, your thesis is quite successful.  If you can oppose your statement with the opinion that straightly rejects your thesis, you managed to formulate a good thesis statement.

·        Deny the opposing arguments

First, make sure you understand the opposite viewpoint correctly, and there are no unclear issues to you. Then, of course, you have to collect the evidences that might disapprove this point of view.

·        Support your opinion

Like a barrister finds proofs to witness for the defendant, you have to gather enough facts and evidences to support your opinion. For this purpose, examples from the real life, experts’ viewpoints, statistical data, and facts can be used. Excellent persuasive essays require transitions between ideas and clear thoughts expressed logically.

Remember, the last words make a huge impact on the reader. If you manage to sound convincingly in the end of your persuasive essay, your paper is a real success. So, good luck with your persuasive essay!

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