Character Essays


Character Essays

Character essays are one more frequently assigned kind of academic papers. The purpose of writing character essays is to provide the reader with in-depth reflection of your personal vision of your character. Character essays should be organized with the components listed below in this article. If you want to buy custom essay writing service, you may request professional custom essay help at our site and get your character essay written from scratch!

An Introduction

  • This part of character essays explains the purpose of the character assessment. An excellent introductory part of character essays explains why this assessment is being used by other teachers. Remember, you have to give clear answers to these questions which means that if your explanation is sketchy, your introduction will be regarded as adequate but not excellent.

Main Body

  • The body of character essays should consist of several paragraphs where you have to discuss what strengths of your character are and what areas need being improved. Provide the evidence illustrating at least two examples of good character you have demonstrated. Be specific. Your reader will also appreciate at least two examples of situations in which you think you could have shown the greater positive character. Character essays should also include a paragraph in which the writer explains the importance of understanding other people’s perception of his/her character. In this part of character essays, the explanation of the character aspects the writer is almost proud of should be provided.


  • In the final part of character essays, the discussion of the character you would like to be should be included. Tell what traits you would like to possess. Mind that the discussion of the treatment of others and sticking up for your personal beliefs exemplify good character. In the concluding paragraph of character essays, the tie to the writer’s personal goals should also be mentioned.

What are the assessment criteria?

Character essays will be considered as excellent if:

  • The grammar, spelling, and punctuation is correct;
  • All the questions are answered clearly and fully;
  • The text is typed and double-spaced.

Character essays will be considered as adequate if:

  • 2 or 3 mistakes in spelling, grammar, or punctuation are made;
  • Some questions are ignored and not answered;
  • Paper is typed and single-spaced.

Character essays will be considered as ‘not passing’ if:

  • 5 or more mistakes in grammar, spelling, or punctuation are made;
  • A large number of questions are ignored;
  • Paper is not typed.

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