Controversial Essays


Controversial Essays

A good essay has to start with an opening sentence or topic that can draw in the interest of the reader. This is where choosing to write controversial essays scores high over others due to the fact that they can arrest the attention of the reader and make them focus on reading the essay. By and large controversial essays are far more interesting and so have a far greater ability to hold the interest of the reader.

Over the long term, controversial essays also possess a greater ability to spark off debate as well as discussions since they are about burning topical issues that tend to catalyze and provoke confrontation on subjects of contemporary interest.

A strong emotional response

Controversial essays deal with topics like:

  • Religious beliefs
  • Social issues and ethics
  • Political leanings

Controversial essays are generally over the issues on which people have differing and strong opinions accompanied by an emotional response that can trigger discussion, debate as well as disputes. The last thing that can happen to controversial essays is for them to pass in to oblivion.

Controversial essay topics

Controversial essays often tend to ivide readers in to ‘for’ and ‘against’ situations to spark off debates. There is plenty of material for controversial essays found on the net or in news papers and on the TV. So you will find more than enough topics to write on such as:

  • Privacy and the internet
  • Ethics for the environment
  • Distribution of condoms in schools
  • Feminism
  • Domestic violence
  • Gay marriage
  • Gay rights
  • Genetic engineering
  • Animal experimentation
  • Alcoholism

While writing a controversial essay your first paragraph should include a thesis statement while offering some background information on the topic.  The second paragraph should have a transitory word or phrase to link the beginning of your first paragraph with the last sentence in the first paragraph. This will ensure some logical flow between paragraphs.

In a controversial essay you should try to give both sides of the picture while giving your own point of view at the end in a convincing manner

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