Description Essays on Love


Description Essays on Love

Love is a concept that is hard to be defined because every person thinks of love from his own perspective. For example, for me love is a feeling which makes people happy and ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the lover.  For you love can mean something absolutely different. Writing a description essay on love you need to explore your own vision of love.  What is love? What does it mean to love someone? How does it feel to be loved? Are there many types of love? Can love last forever? Answer these questions and you will have a good foundation for writing a description essay on love. In addition, we have written a sample essay on love for you. You may find it useful as well. If you want to get a unique essay on love written for you by experienced writer, you should try our professional essay writing services and get a perfect essay without plagiarism!

Sample Essay on Love

The fallacy of Hamill Kenny's article attempting to prove that this is a sponsalia de praesenti has been pointed out by Campbell, whose refutation is, however, perhaps too opposite a statement when he declares that "some such phrase as 'I take you for my husband' " is necessary to a trothplight. The sponsalia de praesenti of The Duchess of Malfi does not use this or any similar phrase in the ceremony uniting the Duchess and Antonio. This in Troilus and Cressida is not a troth or a spousal de praesenti, it is a courtly love betrothal, or a mock of a spousal or marriage ceremony. It is part of Shakespeare's moral that the two be considered identical: that a courtly betrothal is merely a parody of a true spousal. When Kenny attempts to pass on the morality of the situation he exceeds the bounds of impartial criticism and verges to a dangerous value judgment based on twentieth century morality.

From this point in the play the action declines into the Ordeal the following morning after Troilus and Cressida have succeeded once more in degrading their relationship by their and Pandarus' lascivious remarks concerning the preceding night. The best method for analysis of this passage, which is an aubade, is to parallel the situations of Troilus and Cressida and Romeo and Juliet, each couple in a similar situation. Night, which is considered beautiful by Shakespeare's sympathetic characters, becomes ugly to those who use it for ugly purposes. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth describe night as evil, Romeo and Juliet find it beautiful. It seems to take the coloring of the mood and character of the describer. So to Troilus night is evil, and therefore he himself has been committing some evil. That is a point which Shakespeare seems consistently to emphasize in his plays.

Troilus, almost immediately after this searched for by Aeneas in Cressida's house, violates the adjuration to secrecy of the courtly love code by appearing when demanded. But there has obviously been no more than a slight attempt at secrecy before, for Aeneas knows where to find Troilus when he needs him. Upon the separation of the lovers, reported by Aeneas, Troilus and Cressida exchange gifts. Troilus gives her a sleeve, and she gives him a glove. The gifts which had been vaguely mentioned previously are not identified. But the glove and sleeve are mentioned in the fifth act, and the sleeve itself is as symbolic of Cressida's love as the ring Portia gives Bassanio and the handkerchief Othello gives Desdemona are of theirs.

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