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Descriptive essay samples

Need good descriptive essay samples?  We have prepared a couple of free samples for you!  This page is devoted to the topic of bromine (chemistry).  If your topic is different (most likely it is), look through our free essay blog for more samples.  In addition, you may use our professional essay writing help and get your essay written by your personal tutor!  Our online essay writersare educated and fully knowledgeable on academic requirements.  You will be satisfied with our services.  If not, we will return your money! 

Sample Essay: Descriptive

Bromine is an element, a virtual monopoly of which was once exercised by the German chemical industry. At that time its principal use was in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and photographic materials. A source of bromine was found in the brines from deep wells in Michigan and this was developed to the point where a considerable share of the world supply was obtained. There appeared to be sufficient bromine for all purposes until the unexpected discovery of a new use for tetraethyl lead put in its appearance. The demand which brought forth tetraethyl lead was for something which would so control detonation in the gasoline engine as to permit the use of higher compression ratios without the familiar knock in the engine. Of a large number of materials tried, tetraethyl lead gave the best results and in its use in motor fuels a compound of bromine is required. At first this merely constituted an acceptable new demand for a product, but it soon became evident that there was not enough bromine obtainable from the ordinary sources to supply this new requirement.

It was known that there is a small amount of bromine present in sea water, roughly 65 parts per million parts of water, but that is a very dilute solution and at first it seemed impracticable to handle so large a volume of water, even if most of the bromine could be separated in recoverable form. A series of experiments and developments, however, led to the perfection of a process in which the water comes in contact with the reagents for less than a minute and which has proved so successful commercially that during 1935 some 600,000 pounds of bromine per month were derived from the sea. The process recovers 60 of the 65 parts of bromine present per million parts of water, and involves good chemistry and chemical engineering. Unfortunately, gold is present in very much smaller quantity, perhaps 4 to 7 parts per billion, so that while a few milligrams of gold have been separated as a byproduct of the bromine process, just to show that it can be done, it does not yet seem economically attractive. But who shall say but that in future a method may be developed that will make it practical and profitable to look to the sea as an additional source of gold?

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