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Sometimes, students are lost in writing and this problem appears when they need to write something quickly and in high quality. For them specifically there is a technique of direct writing. Direct essays take the first position written in such a way.

Why Do We Need Direct Essays?

As direct writing is a simple process of getting your thoughts in the sheet of paper, it is used when either you do not want, or can not think out something for your direct essays, or do not have enough time. We present you the main tactics of such writing:

  • Take some sheets of paper, a number of which depends on your handwriting, but take at least two of them. You need many sheets of paper, because you are expected to write a lot and not everything will be included into your writing.
  • Prepare yourself to the fast writing and start thinking about your topic, before divide your available time into three parts:


  • Ok, so you have a topic and need to write something about it. Direct essays use the variant of brainstorming and writing everything that you know or may recollect. At the very moment you should not think about the necessity of right structure of thesis sentence making. You should write your thoughts, ideas, abstracts of thoughts and just all words on the sheet of paper. Do not lose a second and try to write in a spontaneous way. It works when you want to write something.
  • What can be recollected is your choice, but try to write examples, abstracts from poems and prose, recollect names and discoveries, society situation, incidents in your life, memories about the events or something said and so on.
  • Here you have to disorder on your sheet of paper. Do not be afraid of that, because it is what you need.


  • Ok, so everything is ready for going on. Do not pay attention to mistakes and language. Here is the time for direct essays structure. Now you may find the most important thoughts, which you have upon the subject. Try to pace them in ascending order. They will be included into the thesis sentence.
  • Find your favorite example or story, concerning the subject. It will be your introduction.
  • Do you have some conclusions over the said in the introduction and the body part? So now you have the conclusion.
  • Do transitional sentences from a previous paragraph to the next one.


  • You correct mistakes and language. You revise the context and pay attention to every detail you dislike.
  • If you do everything like we said, you will be able to write direct essays in 2 or 2, 5 hours. Congratulations! You are pro now!

Indeed, a plan of working on direct essays is devastating and one may be lost in it, but one needs only to understand it and put in practice. If for all of that you cannot write direct essays, you may be interested in custom order, which would be carried out by the best writers in the Internet area!

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