Discursive Essay


Discursive Essay

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Discursive Essay Sample

In England and on the Continent, the trade-union movement had still another task. It had to make secure the promise of the French Revolution--political equality among men. Except for the Negro and women, all Americans had won their political freedom early in the nineteenth century. Not having to concern themselves with the problem of political emancipation, American unions, even more than their European counterparts, concentrated on economic objectives. The struggle for economic aggrandizement had three objectives: an increase in wages and a decrease in hours; the establishment of grievance machinery and an active role for labor in the operations thereof; job control that would give the union substantial responsibility for hiring and firing.

It was argued by those who fought the growth of unionism, as it is still argued by a minority today, that labor cannot significantly alter the results of competition. Workers receive what they are worth--that is, what they contribute to output, nothing more and nothing less. At no time has the typical worker been well versed in the intricacies of economic analysis, and he has manifested little interest in the subtle approaches which seek to convince him that he is not being exploited.

Economic theory may be an esoteric discipline, but the ease and luxury that characterized the employer's way of life were real and concrete. Even the illiterate worker was able to see for himself what was transpiring: his long hours of toil and sweat for which he received scarcely enough to keep body and soul together made it possible for his employer to live elegantly, to travel widely, and otherwise to enjoy the prerogatives and privileges of wealth.

In 1848 Marx proclaimed that the entire system of industrial capitalism was grounded in exploitation. The owners by virtue of their control over the means of production could force labor to work for a wage much below its true contribution to the productive process. Workers had to eat, and the only way they could do so was to sell their labor power. The owners were in the fortunate position of being able constantly to extract for themselves the surplus that the worker was producing in excess of what he was consuming. Although this Marxian doctrine, in its simple form as well as in its full elaboration, failed to find fertile ground in America, trade unions proceeded to bargain for a larger share on the assumption that employers were exploitative.

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