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Essay Abortion: Writing Tips

Abortion is one of the topics which have been widely discussed in all fields.  Does a woman have a right to make decisions regarding the fetus? Is fetus a person in the first place?  Is abortion moral?  These and thousands of other questions are asked daily.  However, when it comes to writing essay abortion, students often feel lost in the wealth of information and opposing points of view.  We would like to offer you our assistance – below is a short sample essay on abortion.  We hope it will help you define your own research question.  If you need professional help with writing essay abortion, do not hesitate to order individual assistance of professional essay writer.  We can write your essay abortion from scratch.  In other words, we will write a brand new essay on abortion in accordance to your specific instructions and requirements.  Buy custom essay at our site and get your essay written by professional essay writers

Sample Essay on Abortion

By studying primitive tribes living in isolated parts of the world today, anthropologists such as George Devereux have been able to describe the behavior of primitive people who lived before written history. There are a variety of reasons for abortion in different primitive societies. Primitive women have aborted in cases of rape; if the father is unknown; if the woman is not married to the father of the child; if there is incest; general poverty and lack of sufficient food for the tribe; even, Devereux reports, in order for the living children to eat the fetus as food during famine. Women belonging to nomadic tribes, who are afraid they will be left behind if pregnant, or who know they cannot travel with too many children, induce abortion. Women have been known to have abortions to save their babies from slavery; because they want men to think they are still virgins; to get even with an unfaithful husband; because they don't want to give up intercourse during the gestation period; or because they fear their husbands will be attracted to someone else during the period of pregnancy.

Modern woman may seek an abortion for some of these same reasons and several more. Her pregnancy may come too early in life; or it may come too late in life when the woman feels too old to begin rearing another child; she may have all the children she wants; they may be in school; she may have started working and found a totally new lifestyle; the husband's financial situation may not be able to support more children. A woman may be unmarried, which in most places would bring shame both to her and the illegitimate baby; a woman may be mentally unfit to care for another child; she may have been made pregnant against her will in a criminal act of rape.

She may have excellent reasons for believing the child will be deformed because of some drug, because she was exposed to the German measles virus (rubella) during the first three months of pregnancy, or because of some inherited disease. Among reasons for wanting an abortion today may be the desire to finish high school or college or to continue with a career which would be interrupted or possibly ruined by a child. A woman may feel that having another child would strain or destroy her relationship with her husband, even cause a breakup because her husband, who ought to have some say in the matter, doesn't want a child. A couple may have already given much energy, understanding and work necessary to raise a child and beginning all over again may be too difficult physically and emotionally.

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