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Fnelon was no scientist, but he was aware of the trends of his day, and his disciples found it possible to go well beyond his work while keeping the sanity and comprehensiveness of his viewpoint. Chief among these was the Scot Andrew Ramsay, a leader in the establishment of the Masons of the Scottish Rite in France, and one of the earliest advocates of the encyclopedic ideal. Many of his ideas are set forth in his novel, La Nouvelle Cyrop?die ou les Voyages de Cyrus, which derives from T?l?maque as well as from Xenophon, although it is much less poetic and idealistic in tone. As benefits a young hero of eighteenth-century romance, Cyrus receives comprehensive instruction in natural philosophy. For the French reader, still under the influence of vortices and the plenum, the physics is Cartesian and pastorally poetic; in the English translation of the same period, Cyrus is given a simplified system of universal gravitation, quite in accord with the prejudices of the insular reader. In one edition of this work, in which French and English texts face each other, a footnote on either page calls attention to the divergencies. Science may be science, but readers are consumers, and their prejudices must not be disturbed.

The two major authors of this first half of the eighteenth century, Montesquieu and Voltaire, both show signs of preoccupation with the new philosophy, and for each of them the impulse is a product of mixed French and British influences. Montesquieu's early project for an elaborate encyclopedia of the sciences is well known; although he quickly abandoned any intention of confining himself to a scientific career, the mark of science is never far from the surface of his work. He may be described as one of those who made a major contribution to the science of politics, and in this way to the sciences of man, to which each of his books, including even the seemingly frivolous Lettres persanes, offers something. It is not necessary here to do more than indicate his importance in transferring to the study of political society the methods of rational analysis and causal pattern developing in the sciences of nature.

The evolution of Voltaire's ideas was rather different, but the influence of science was no less profound. Montesquieu had grown up in an erudite rural background, in a family able to assure him of a seat in the Parlement de Bordeaux and a place in the academy of that city. In contrast, Voltaire's background, though legal, was much more modest, and he was much more dependent on his native wit.

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