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Writing an essay on global warming is easier than writing an essay on physics.  Nevertheless, you should not neglect the importance of research or write an essay in a rush. You should narrow the topic (decide on the aspect of the topic you want to explore), conduct a secondary research, organize your ideas and, very important, reference all sources used for essay on global warming writing.  Read the following sample essay on global warming and learn how to write your own essay on this topic! If you need help with writing or organizing your ideas, our team of writers is working 24/7 to give you an opportunity to get help with writing. Our writing services are affordable to all. Custom essay is original and written from scratch.

Sample Essay on Global Warming

Almost all people in the media have enough knowledge of the physical world to filter out many outrageous notions. The notion that the world is flat is not in the spectrum of ideas that must be included in the news for balance. Few reporters or editors, however, have had the basic education that would provide a similar filtering capacity for statements on environmental issues. As a result, the public gets the impression that there is far more uncertainty about many issues than actually exists among the scientists studying them—as has recently happened over the issue of global warming. The doubts of the tiny group of scientists who are very skeptical about the global warming projections of climatologists have been exaggerated and continuously quoted by nonscientists and a handful of other scientists who fear the economic impacts of attempting to abate the warming. The resulting confused reporting places an even greater burden on citizens and decision makers who are attempting to evaluate an issue already made difficult by very incomplete knowledge.

Even when personal preferences are clear, and individuals are well informed and aware of the uncertainties, risk benefit analyses are not simple. In a society of millions, the complexity multiplies enormously, especially when both risks and benefits would be distributed differently among individuals. Science can provide estimates of the probabilities of certain events and of their consequences, but it often gives little or no guidance on actions to take in response to those estimated risks. While science can outline steps that could be taken to slow global warming, it cannot decide for us how much "insurance" against catastrophic climate change it is worthwhile to pay for.

Science also can't deal easily with the statements of antievolutionists, perpetual-growth advocates, racists, or other elements of the lunatic fringe who simply make assertions rather than carry out careful investigations and analyses. Science is, to a large degree, a carefully orchestrated process in which the actors operate by mutually agreed-upon rules enforced by group sanctions. When science interacts with public policy, the scientific process can be helpful, but only in providing background for nonscientific social decisions.

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