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Good & Free Essay Outline Example

Before creating an essay outline example or template you need to carefully read through the instructions for your essay and then go through all the prescribed readings while making notes all along. An essay outline should only be written after you have completed these two first steps. Ask yourself:

  • What is the main purpose of this essay
  • What does earlier literature have to say about the subject
  • What is the evidence to support this/my own stand?

A well written essay starts and ends with some clear analytical thinking on the topic. Read the essay outline example below to get a clear idea of how to write a template for youressay. An essay outline is really all about jotting down the main points of your essay and by creating a proper structure or framework to put them down in. The first and most important part of your essay consists of:


  • The main purpose behind the start or introduction of your essay is to grab the reader's attention. You can do this by making use of an interesting relevant quote or asking a leading question; alternately your opening sentence should narrate something exciting in a story form.
  • Another important function of your introduction is to inform the reader of the thesis or the main point behind your essay after which it should give a gist of the supporting points by giving a road map that will validate your thesis. These can trace cause with effect or do a comparative study that can conclude with your position on the topic.


  • The first point of the second paragraph should explain/assert your thesis with supporting evidence and facts
  • The next paragraphs should elaborate on important point till they are covered in a paragraph each

Your essay outline example or template should contain a gist of all these points along with supporting evidence in telegraphic form that can be elaborated on when you get down to write the actual essay. After addressing all the points of view you should sum up your proposal


Thisessay outline exampleor template ends by jotting down:

  • The conclusion based on a rewording of your thesis
  • A gist of the points that support your conclusion.
  • The Conclusion should emphatically reaffirm your thesis statement with a memorable sentence that can act as the grand finale

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