Essay Philosophy of Life


Essay Philosophy of Life

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Sample Essay on Philosophy of Life

If the subject-matter of philosophy is the whole inward life of man,--if its end is the solution of the ever-recurring questions of the speculative consciousness, and the reading of the enigma of existence, or however else we may choose to characterise and express it, it is assuredly something of a distinct and more exalted nature than any of the preparatory sciences which make up the academical course of study for the specific objects of some limited calling and profession. The philosophy of life, as it sets out only with one simple position--life, viz., man's inner life, is restricted to no particular sphere, but embraces them all in their fit season and occasion. When, indeed, in the youthful, not to say childlike spirit, standing on the threshold of expectation, this inward feeling of life or consciousness has not as yet shaped itself into an ardent speculative curiosity, or a grave and melancholy questioning, or when, at least, it has not passed through the first stage of thoughtful wondering, then it is as yet too early for the awakening of philosophy--that inward search after truth and meditation on the nature of our existence and consciousness, that self-examination, those halfdoubting yearnings after an unknown love.

Youth, inexperience and undeveloped, may reasonably be supposed to be excluded from a participation in this natural field of philosophical speculation, although even in this, as in every other case, it is extremely difficult to define the precise limits. It would also be idle to repeat the remark so often insisted on by the sages of antiquity--that where life is totally absorbed in the business or pleasures of life, or distracted by the cares of avarice or ambition, so that, strictly speaking, no voice from within is heard, no soul-cherished feeling or sentiment, nay even scarcely a thought, purely spiritual, still survives, or finds a place in that world-engrossed bosom-there philosophy finds no ear for her sublime revelations of the inner life, nor dares hope for a responsive echo to her high soaring meditations, and that profound emotion from which it draws her own birth.

Philosophy takes nothing for granted but life--an internal life, that is. The more perfectly, the more manifold the aspects, and the more comprehensively within the given limits under which this life which it supposes is viewed and studied, the more easily will it fulfill its object, the sooner will it attain to that which constitutes its proper end and aim.

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