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An interesting use of the statistics of sentence length occurs in cases of disputed authorship. One statistician was able to show that the disputed De imitatione Christi was written with sentences whose lengths were approximately the same as those in the writings of ? Kempis and were shorter than those used by Gerson. Assuming a certain consistency in the styles of these two authors, it is more likely that ? Kempis wrote the Imitatio than that Gerson did.

A stylistic device used by some authors is to vary the lengths of their sentences. A long sentence may be followed by a short, abrupt statement that emphasizes some point or creates some definite effect. This sort of variation is reflected quantitatively in the amount of dispersion around the average. G. K. Chesterton and G. B. Shaw, for example, use about the same number of words per sentence, but Chesterton places his periods with considerable regularity, while Shaw varies widely from sentence to sentence. If we draw up a frequency distribution of sentence lengths, plotting the number of one-word sentences at one, the number of two-word sentences at two, the number of three-word sentences at three, etc., Chesterton's plot will be very tall and thin, while Shaw's plot will be short and broad. If we redraw this same plot using the logarithm of the number of words per sentence, the plot becomes very nearly what statisticians call a normal probability distribution. For curves with this general shape statisticians know many tricks, and it has been proposed that the root-mean-square deviation from the logarithmic average (the standard deviation) should be used as a convenient measure of the verbal change of pace.

It is worth while to try to catalogue some of the factors that tend to lengthen sentences. The principal reasons would seem to be abbreviation and qualification. Abbreviation may seem a paradoxical reason for long sentences, but it happens this way. We have several things to say about Joe. We could say 'Joe lives in Boston. Joe writes books. Joe has a hat. Joe's hat is brown.' But this seems choppy, and we seem to be using the word 'Joe' more than necessary. We can mention Joe only once, thus abbreviating, if we say 'Joe, who lives in Boston and writes books, has a brown hat.' The four original sentences had a total of 15 words, while the single longer sentence gets by with 12.

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