Essay Writing Sample


Essay Writing Sample

A good outline guides the writer not only in preparing an essay, but also in constructing parts and sections of the essay writing.

The choice of words is an important task, carefully composed headings can give essay writers an overview of the gathered materials, help them find right way for essay writing, and make it easier for them to grasp meanings and construct the college essay.

Headings cannot accomplish these objectives, of course, unless they are sufficiently specific to suggest the contents of the succeeding paragraphs. Moreover, headings on the same level are expected to have the same grammatical structure and style of capitalization.

Sample Essay Outlines

An essay topic “The Benefits of Sport”

I. Essay Introduction

A. Sport is an extremely popular activity.

B. Sport helps people develop muscles, control their weight, and improves physical and mental performance.

II. Essay Body

A. Muscular Development

1. (before essay writing enumerate the benefits of muscular development such as increases strength, etc.)



B. Weight control




C. Psychological well-being




III. Essay Conclusion

  1. Benefits of sport make it an excellent activity.
  2. Those who want to improve their health should go in for sport.

Sample Essays

The following essay writing sample is written specially for the students as an example.

Sample of essay writing is “The Urge to Win”

There is always an element of luck in every game. But it would seem right to abstract from it, if the game is to be ideally what a game should be.

To fault a man merely because he has a poor draw, the wind against him, or has been unnerved by a serious accident to a fellow player seems unfair. With even more justice, it could be argued that luck is but a way of describing the overall effect of the contingencies which are essential to the very existence of a game.

The athlete is to show what he is and can do in a game as it actually unfolds, peppered with the unexpected. And for those who sit in the stands, it should not matter that some man has had a run of luck, because it is not the individual or even the team with which they should be concerned, but with man in a world that is not in his firm control. It is man who, in this guise or that, shows what is the best that can be done in a game where contingencies play a vital part…

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