Essays on Aggressive Drivers


Essays on Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers create danger on the road not only for other drivers but also for people walking the streets.  Writing essays on aggressive drivers you may go into detail exploring the psychological roots of aggressive driving (the sample essay below talks about psychology of aggressive driving). If free sample does not suit your requirements, you should order custom essay writing service and let professional essay writers create an essay for you from scratch.  Every essay we deliver is checked for plagiarism.  Thus, you receive authentic essay.

From a list of 1639 purchasers of auto tax stamps in Park Forest, a suburb 30 miles south of the Chicago loop, researchers drew samples of 100 Chevrolet and 100 Ford owners. Of this sample, 70 per cent filled out psychological questionnaires and supplied data on 12 "objective" variables, such as home ownership, religion and politics, age, income, and miles driven per year.

The psychological test was based on Murray's list of manifest needs, which includes such personality traits as the needs for achievement, affiliation, dominance, deference and aggression. (This list has given rise to both a projective test of personality, the TAT picture test, and to a standardized personality inventory, Edwards' "Personal Preference Schedule.")

Items in the test consisted of 21 brief descriptions of people, drawn from Edwards' inventory: "likes to travel, aggressive driver, always telling jokes, thinks himself physically attractive to women." Each respondent checked the items which he felt applied to him and then responses of Chevrolet and Ford owners were compared. Later, respondents were given 21 phrases and asked which of the two cars would be better for each of the persons described. In this way the study was able to determine not only whether personalities of the two kinds of owners differed, but whether there was a stereotype, a brand image--a different question. (Such brand images, for example, may represent a feedback of advertising campaign themes.)

A linear discriminant function was calculated from test scores, then applied to the scores: it misclassified 37% of the sample, as compared with flipping a coin, which would have misclassified 50%. The function was "significant" at the 10% level-not good enough for most statisticians. Objective variables did slightly better; they produced a discriminant function which misclassified only 30 % of the cases. It still did not reach the .05 level of statistical significance, however.

The study of brand images, the attempt to see whether owners perceived differences (even though such differences in owners did not attain statistical significance) also produced negative results, partly because 65% of the time an individual who rated a trait as typical of himself, also said it described whatever car he happened to own. Owners of both cars picked 7 favorable traits as applying to their type of car: "loyal to friends, likes to travel, self-confidence, successful, etc." Only 5 traits showed significance at the .05 level: both groups of owners agreed that Chevrolets are for the very cautious person, and Fords for the aggressive, college boy, nonconformist, and someone who loves his car.

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