Example Essay


Example essay

Let's assume you have already chosen the example essay topic. What will you do next? Most students act in the following way: they take «Encyclopedia» devoted to the chosen topic. Diligent students copy everything they find. However, this way of writing is not flawless. Moreover, this way of writing is called plagiarism because you cannot copy anything. Your task is to write an essay on the specific topic from scratch. Coping does not benefit anyone, but it just takes time of someone who writes it as well as someone who checks it. Moreover, you may also Buy Custom Essay writing service at our site and get your custom written essays overnight. We are working with the most experienced essay writers!

How Should You Start Writing

  • It is necessary to make an outline. So, you need to make a rough outline for yourself to know what to write and in what sequence to write assigned college essay.
  • As primary source of information, you can take a college textbook.
  • Familiarize yourself with the contents of other selected books and pick up the material, which can be useful and add it to the textbook information. In doing so, you would like to clarify or modify the original outline of the essay.

In general, the structure of any example essays should be the following:

  1. Introduction – explanation of the relevance (importance) of the chosen topic.
  2. Body - general description and analysis of the subject (events), the preliminary conclusions.
  3. Conclusion - the final conclusions

Example Essay on Discrimination against Women

“…It has been written and said a lot about violence against women. The word "violence" includes a few hidden meanings, definitions and explanations, the forms of which usually occur in the oral, moral, physical and sexual relations. Nearly eighty percent of women in Pakistan face violence in various forms. From time to time on radio and on television there are reports of casualties, and newspapers filled with incidents of violent killings, kidnappings and violence. In addition, in the whole society violence takes place not somewhere but in the walls of the house. Despite all these terribly unjust, horrific cases, law enforcement agencies do not take any concrete action to eradicate this problem. In such a civilization, where the shame of the victim and the criminals are protected, each case of violence clearly and repeatedly describes the press, then in a few days they forget it again, and this, nobody remembers…”

Example Essay on Racism

“…Racism in America has been plaguing our culture ever since the creation of this nation.  Whether it is directed towards a Latino, a Black, an Asian, or even a White person, racism is never a positive thing and almost always leads to senseless acts of violence and hate.  It is no secret that America is a highly segregated country.  For years books and newspapers have published stories about the horrors of racism, and the more the nation tries to prevent these acts, the more racism continues strong.  While it may seem pointless most times, America must not give up on trying to erase the blemish of racism from the face of the United States.  “If the people of the United States work together and learn to control their senseless hatred, gradually, the evil of racism can become an unnecessary one in American society.  For now however, slavery is going to continue strong”.  The shallow mindedness of the American people created by their own nationalistic pride , the unbalanced nature of our laws, and the basic hypocritical nature of the people of the United States all lead to the thick layer of racism which coats and plagues our American society…”

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