Example of Persuasive Essays


Example of Persuasive Essays

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Sample Essay

Among the many suggestions for new water supplies is that of carrying fresh water beneath the ocean in large plastic pipes, a method that supposedly would be cheaper than digging canals on land. We have seen that the Greeks towed plastic "sausages" filled with water. A similar idea is at once perhaps the most ludicrous and the most provocative that can be thought of: the towing of icebergs to centers of population for use as fresh water supply! The bulk of the fresh water on earth -- some 75 percent of it -is in the solid water of the icecaps and the glaciers. What better method of supplying fresh water than to make use of this tremendous supply that is more than a hundred times that of all our surface waters? The ice of the world could provide fresh water to every inhabitant-even at the rate of consumption in the United States -- for tens of thousands of years.

Man for a long time has cut blocks of ice from rivers for summer refrigeration. In the last century the Peruvians did something of the sort on a grander scale by using ice from icebergs. South Africa is said to be considering such a scheme not only for cooling but also for fresh water. Before we suspect our South African friends of fantastic dreaming, we should know that such a plan has been considered for supplying the Los Angeles area, much farther removed from a supply of icebergs, surely, than is South Africa. Worked out by scientist John Isaacs as a tongue-in-cheek project for the fun-loving American Miscellaneous Society ( AMSOC), the plan was basically this: Several tugs would scout for a suitably sized iceberg in the South Pacific. They would then tow it into the Humbolt Current, which would move it north and west around the Hawaiian Islands at the rate of perhaps a mile or so an hour. After about two years en route, the iceberg would be moored off the California coast. Melting fresh water would float atop the heavier sea water, and be piped or otherwise suitably conveyed to the mainland.

An iceberg one cubic mile in volume is tiny as icebergs go, but consider how much fresh water it would contain. A square mile is 640 acres. We would thus have 640 times 5280 acre-feet, or roughly 31/2 million acre-feet of water. This amounts to about $100 million worth of water at $0.10 per 1000 gallons. Here would be ample domestic water for 3 1/2 million families for a year, and there are about that many families in California at present.

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