Examples of Essays


Examples of Essays

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Example of Essay

Erikson has obviously brought about a change of emphasis within Freudian theory. Children are no longer seen as little animals, but as fully functioning human beings, with their own emerging skills and capacities for self-regulation. In turn, parents are not the enemies but the partners of their infants. Mothers and fathers need children, in order to satisfy their urge to care for others, just as the infant needs his parents to guide him through the first years of life. Further, the culture which parents represent is no longer seen as the implacable opponent of the instincts and of children. On the contrary, because infants are themselves basically social, cultural conditioning simply helps them to give form to their propensity for communal life. In Eriksonian theory, forces which Freud thought incompatible are apparently reconciled. Culture synthesizes the biological drives of small children with the imperatives of its own survival.

This debate raises a number of significant questions. The ego psychologists make advances in theoretical sophistication, but at the same time they seem to lose touch with certain hard-won Freudian insights. I can see that Erikson's revision of psychoanalysis has important strengths. He appreciates how man's bodily needs and his relations with his fellows can be coordinated, how social life is a natural expression of human aspirations instead of an extraneous and alien threat to the happiness of the individual. With respect to the more specific question of interest to us in this study, he is right in calling our attention to the fact that childrearing is a mutual process, that parents as well as children have something to gain in the communication between generations; and he adds to our understanding when he demonstrates that the culture which adults represent can support as well as frustrate the child's natural predisposition toward growth and self-realization.

On the other hand, we should also consider the possibility that Erikson may have gone too far in endeavoring to correct what he regarded as an extreme bias in Freudian theory. I find plausible the suggestion that there is an innate generative impulse accounting for the fact that in all cultures adults do get involved with the problems of caring for infants. Further, I recognize that in this case, as with all the stages of life, Erikson acknowledges the dark side of individual development: attempts to be generative may miscarry, leaving the adult with a sense of stagnation. Still, I have the impression that he overestimates the degree to which life cycles interlock. The "fit" between parents and children is not at all inevitable.

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