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Examples of persuasive essays are useful as they provide a foundation for your own essay writing. Persuasive essays samples may help you generate ideas on the topic.  For example, you do not know how to present your ideas on abortion debate.  Thus, you read several essays and create a list of 5-10 ideas to be used in your own paper.  Below is an excerpt of persuasive essay.  If you need professional help with writing your essay, do not hesitate to request assistance at our site. We can handle your project!

Example of Persuasive Essay

The difficulty society has in evaluating scientific risk-benefit issues related to the environment makes our collective head hurt, and the problem is exacerbated by a common misperception. People unfamiliar with science often assume that when there are two opposing views on a scientific issue, the truth lies "somewhere in between"—an assumption that may sometimes work for political or social issues. It is far from the rule in science, however. We call this misconception the "ether breeze" hypothesis. In the last century, some scientists believed that outer space was filled with a rarefied element called "ether," and that Earth moving through the ether imparted motion to the ether near it, just as a ship sailing through the sea imparts motion to the water near it. Others doubted the existence of ether or of an "ether wind" caused by Earth's passage. In 1887, A. A. Michelson and E. W. Morley performed one of the most famous of all scientific experiments, testing to see whether the velocity of light would be different if it were measured in the direction of Earth's motion or against it. Their result, since confirmed many times, was that there was no directional difference caused by an ether wind, as predicted on the basis of the ether theory. The answer was that one group of scientists was right, and the other was wrong—there was no "ether breeze," the answer did not lie in between.

Similarly, Darwin was right and his many opponents were dead wrong; organisms were not created once in a fixed form; evolution is a central fact of biology. Copernicus was right that Earth rotated on its axis and circled the sun; those who thought it was the center of the universe, although backed by the common wisdom of the time, were also dead wrong. Louis Pasteur was right in claiming that life cannot be spontaneously generated (worms springing from mud, maggots from garbage, and so on), and people who thought that life was continuously arising in those forms were completely wrong. Continents do drift around on Earth's surface, as Alfred Wegener said; they are not fixed, as Wegener's many scientific detractors contended. Accordingly, people should not automatically assume that a "compromise" will provide the answer to scientific disputes in matters relating to the environment—and indeed, intermediate views often have not carried the day.

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