Exemplification Essay Topics


Exemplification Essay

Exemplification essay writing means that the student provides some examples related the topic and supporting the raised ideas. Exemplification essay is usually written by students under the supervision of an instructor. The choice of topic, the sequence and methods of work are determined by the teacher as well.

In the process of exemplification essay writing, a student is expected to achieve the following:

  • Improving, broadening, and deepening knowledge of the subject matter;
  • Use of obtained knowledge and skills in practice;
  • Search, analysis, and classification of the necessary information;
  • Conduct a simple academic research.

Exemplification Essay Topics Ideas

Once you have evaluated your topic on the possible courses of development, you should think about they way to present it. Your exemplification essay should meet at least the following criteria: brevity, problem, clarity of meanings, understandability and euphony.

  • The brevity of the topic is the most important quality. From the wording in title, you should remove the extra words to bring the total number of words to 7-12. You should avoid the usage of a subordinate clause and participial construction in the title. Each word must be understandable for the reader. In general, the topic should be read, as they say in one breath, easily and freely, which means the lexical literacy of its wording.
  • The problem of the topic means its direction for the commission of any act that is to the change or dependency. For example, the topic is «Moral education for adolescents» is not a problem because it only notes the presence of such an education, and nothing more. However, the topics «Forming moral perceptions among young adults» and «Impact of labor on the moral formation of young people» are problems. In the first case, there is an idea of a pedagogical action, in the second one there are the links and topics components dependence.

Exemplification Essay Topics

  1. What Is An Essay?
  2. Application Of Motivate Mechanism
  3. Relationship With Health And Mental Status
  4. The Purpose, The Illusions, And The Effect Of The Model Minority
  5. Why Is It Important To Study The Media, Rather Than Simply Consume It?
  6. The Importance Of Team Communication
  7. Negative Effects Of Marijuana Use
  8. From Table To Grave: Childhood Obesity
  9. Death Penalty For And Against
  10. Parents Consent For Birth Control

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