Exploratory Essay


Exploratory essay

Exploratory essay should explore something. For example, you can explore the way an author presents the main character in the book.  Alternatively, you may explore why some animals can live both in water and on the ground. There are many potential topics for exploratory essay writing.  Nevertheless, it is not as easy as it may appear to you to write a good exploratory essay.  Your task is not to impress the reader with long and complicated words but rather to present a concise and yet interesting information about something.  Below is a sample of exploratory essay.  If you need individual help with writing, you should use order form to request professional essay writing help at this site.  Our writers are working hard to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients. We guarantee 100% plagiarism free essay delivery!

Exploratory Essay Sample

Emily Putnam's realism found an unlikely admirer over 60 years later. When early in the 1970s the American novelist Norman Mailer confronted the unbridled fury of women's liberationists who attacked his literary treatment of women, he reminded them of Mrs. Putnam's formulation of a "natural law": "A girl should not be too intelligent or too good or too highly differentiated in any direction. Like a ready-made garment she should be designed to fit the average man." Those who defied that law, according to Mrs. Putnam, had to be "willing to eliminate from their lives the whole question of marriage and motherhood, for the sake of a free development irrespective of its bearing on the other sex."

But could educated feminists exist in such a selectively enlightened void? And even if they could, would they be wise to ignore the condition of the rest of womankind? Mrs. Putnam did not seriously address herself to the question of how the widespread influence of restrictive social customs as well as the limited aspirations of the average woman would affect the future of the race. In fact, only one figure at this time fearlessly faced up to the long-range implications of feminism. She was Charlotte Perkins Stetson Gilman, poet, novelist, essayist, and social thinker.

An impoverished descendant of New England Beechers, Mrs. Gilman was regularly subject to periods of depression and near immobilization. Dr. S. Weir Mitchell, the noted physician who once treated her, attributed her emotional disorder to the hereditary taint of "the Beecher women." Nonetheless, for one who functioned under such a lifetime disadvantage, Mrs. Gilman not only produced an impressive body of work but also achieved an international reputation. Indeed, her career suggests that the very conditions of domestic life others regarded as normal may have contributed to her own spells of abnormality. Although her childhood was warped by a determinedly undemonstrative mother and a bibliophile father who retreated at an early stage from all family obligations, she possessed the courage to make something significant of her life. What she ultimately succeeded in doing was to offer hope to women burdened by the sterility of their own lives.

A critical experience for Charlotte Perkins Gilman was her first marriage in 1884 at the age of 24 to a promising young painter from Providence, Rhode Island, Charles Walter Stetson, who shared her own early interest in the visual arts. With every reason to expect a happy life, endowed with abundant good looks and a body consciously disciplined by frequent exercise, the young Mrs. Stetson inexplicably sank into a melancholy state later described with moving candor both in her autobiography and in "The Yellow Wallpaper," a short story based on this episode.

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