Expository Essay


What Expository Essay Is?

First of all, let us define what expository essay is. So, expository essay may be a written summary of the content of the text, its analysis, and expression of personal views on the particular topic. Please note that expository essay, as opposed to the notes, does not copy fragments from the original text So, do not get involved in diligent copying other people's thoughts without identifying the source. Firstly, the majority of teachers, at a glance, recognize the texts of famous scientific papers (it is possible that they know some of those papers). Secondly, it is unlikely that a freshman will express own thoughts through the specific, scientific, comprehensive language of the scientists.

So, the first two conclusions you've already done:

  1. When writing expository essay, process the contents of the original text but do not copy it.
  2. If you want to quote a very smart idea, then do it, but after that it is necessarily to cite the author.

Well, now you have an idea what expository essay is. Where should you start?

Plan the Work on the Expository Essay Correctly

  1. Choose a topic. It should be interesting and relevant to you. Then, writing the expository essay, you will feel «like a fish in water».
  2. Ask yourself: what problem, actually, will be addressed in your expository essay? Then outline ways to find solutions for these problems.
  3. Look for literature on this subject (in addition to books, it is desirable to use the periodicals), make notations from books and articles. If it does not contradict the topic, try to use the modern sources.
  4. Make an outline of the main body of the expository essay. Each separate problem must have a separate chapter; chapters are split into paragraphs.
  5. Finally, write a draft of your work. Moreover, write the introduction when the main body of the work has already been written. Indeed, in the process of writing, the chapters and tasks of the academic expository essay can easily be changed; so then, you may need to rewrite the introduction again!
  6. Provide the teacher with the drafts, if he/she requires.

General Advice

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