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With the obscure death of Ramesses XI the country fell into its natural halves, with one dynasty ruling at Tanis, and a military family who had got themselves appointed to the highest offices in the hierarchy of Amun ruling at Thebes. The intermarriage of these two families reunited Upper and Lower Egypt under one king but the union was only nominal, and thereafter a separate rule was exercised in the Thebaid by Amun-re and his human agents. The tendency was for both Upper and Lower Egypt to split into independent city-states whenever the central power declined, as it did with a regular rhythm. Each new dynasty began with vigour and promise, reviving the old dream of an Asiatic empire, as the Old Testament reveals, and interfering in the turbulent politics of the area as opportunity served. Their campaigns, however, were little better than armed raids, winning a temporary glory. Whenever the Egyptian forces came up against a battle-trained and united enemy with superior weapons such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Persians, they invariably suffered. Constant defeat could not but produce further discouragement at home as well as the reputation abroad of being a broken reed.      

In 940 B.C. a family of Libyan descent, who had settled at Herakleopolis, became influential enough to be favoured by the Tanite kings and succeeded them as Dynasty XXII. The first of the line, the energetic Sesonchis (Shishak) invaded Palestine and plundered Solomon's temple of its rich treasure, restoring a little of Egypes prestige. But the Libyan dynasties ended in dissension and fission, so that when the Kushite king. Pi-ankhy, marched from Napata to capture Egypt in the name of order and orthodoxy, he met with no united resistance. Since the end of Dynasty XX, Nubia and Kush, the Biblical Ethiopia, had gradually become an independent State with its capital at Napata where the cult of Amun-re was strictly observed. The pious Kushitc kings favoured a provincial version of the Egyptian culture of a purer past, harking back to the classical arts of the Middle Kingdom. They proved energetic builders, particularly at Thebes, and brought some direction into the affairs of Egypt though the country was far from being united under their sway, as the prophet Isaiah 1 knew well enough. The intrigues of Taharqa, the son of Pi-ankhy, at length brought about a long-delayed show-down with the Assyrians whose forces twice marched into Egypt, eventually sacking Thebes and driving Taharqa's successor, Tanwetamani, into his own Kushite domains, where he and his successors became more and more Africanized and ceased to play any direct role in Egyptian affairs.

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