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GED Essay

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GED Essay Sample

In terms of high school accreditation, the timing of the birth in relation to the youth's current grade level may influence a young father's decision whether or not to "stick it out" in school. Several findings from Morgan's study of high school dropouts are pertinent to the present discussion. In general, youth who are attending the 10th or 11th grade are more likely to drop out than are those in 9th and 12th grade; so too, those who are I or more years behind their normal age-grade are more likely to drop out than are those who are on time. Morgan also found that even after controlling for a number of nonschool differences, high school completion raised the earnings of youth substantially when dropouts and high school completers were compared. Moreover, a regular diploma was found to have considerably more certification value than the GED, whereas delayed completion was not associated with any notable disadvantages compared to on-time completion. The widespread conviction that school leaving is a more prevelant, as well as a more permanent, phenomena among minority groups was also well supported. These findings buttress the contention that accreditation is an important vehicle for status attainment in our industrialized society and therefore an important outcome measure to consider when discussing the ramifications of male teenage fertility and fatherhood.

It is generally assumed that a high school diploma or its equivalent is the minimum qualification for most jobs. This reality is most salient to a young father who has an interest in, or is coerced into, contributing financially to the support of his child and perhaps the child's mother as well. Young women who have their first child at age 15 or 16 frequently use the GED as a means to receive high school credentials. Data presented here suggest that males who father their first child at age 16 or younger also make extensive use of the GED, earning it more than twice as often as older fathers. The GED thus affords many teenage fathers who would probably not otherwise graduate a better opportunity to gain entry into the labor market and to make a financial contribution to their family.

Teenage fertility and teenage fatherhood may be quite severe then even though early fertility may not directly be responsible for suppressing young males’ socioeconomic status. This reality by itself will no doubt influence how policy makers address the teenage fertility issue in general, and how they attempt to incorporate young fathers into legislative and program initiatives. The other obvious issue is whether or not assuming fatherhood responsibilities attenuates educational attainment for these young fathers.

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