Good Persuasive Essay Topics


Good Persuasive Essay Topics

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Sample Essay on Descartes

An aspect of the thought of Descartes that has set its mark upon modern philosophy is his criterion of truth. For him the fundamental test of truth is the clearness with which we can apprehend it. Cogito ergo sum, 'I think, therefore I am', is the most clearly apprehended of all truths. Therefore our thinking, at least, can be no illusion. The cogency of our thought may be denied, but that we do think, and that we therefore exist, is sure. In some of his further deductions he applies the same principle less cogently. Thus he holds that the conception of the soul as separate from the body is clear and even obvious. He maintains that it must be accepted as a reality on that account.

The general conception of the nature of the material universe set forth by Descartes places him among the moderns, and separates him from his predecessors and even from Francis Bacon. We cannot discuss his view of the universe, but one of his theses we must consider. Descartes, unlike Bacon and unlike the philosophers of the Middle Ages, regarded the Universe as infinite. He did not hold, as did Bacon, that the earth is at the centre of the solar system. This change of view is clearly of fundamental importance for astronomy and for any general conception of the physical universe. It is, however, less widely recognized that it exerted of necessity an equally revolutionary influence upon other sciences, including biology. The point needs some elucidation.

The old Aristotelian philosophy of the Middle Ages treated the universe as limited by the sphere of the fixed stars. In such a finite world -- with earth as centre -science, that is the observation of Nature, must needs occupy a subordinate place. The general scheme of the world being known, the sole aim of science, in such a world, was to fill in the details. This was doubtless a difficult task, but it was terminable. Thus accounts of the universe could, on this view, be made so complete that at last a man could know all that there was to be known about Nature. The undertaking was comparable, let us say, to a statement of the possibilities of the game of chess. The intricacies of that game are very difficult to master, but their complete mastery could be accomplished.

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