Guidelines for Writing a Term Paper


Guidelines for Writing a Term Paper

Writing a term paper is not only an opportunity to learn more about the subject you study at school. It is also a chance to get into the heart of the topic and find out a lot of interesting facts and details about it. That is why the term paper is worth doing well. Writing a term paper helps you think more deeply about a certain question, as you have to put words on a paper. What is more, a good grade on the subject depends on a good term paper. So, in this article, you will find the guidelines that will help you with writing the term paper.

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Writing a term paper. Step 1. Gathering information

Your personal opinion is a fine thing, but in a term paper your opinion is worthwhile only if it is backed up with arguments and proofs. Besides, as many issues and topics will be new to you, it is reasonable to look for the works of other researchers and be interested in their points of view. So, use not only your textbook but also books by other authors.

Writing a term paper. Step 2. Recording information

Just reading and then writing a term paper is hardly an appropriate strategy to succeed. You need to review what you read and make notes. There are several ways to do it:

  • You can mark the book underlining some important ideas;
  • You can use 3”×5” index cards for this purpose;
  • Finally, you can sum up a chapter on a paper.

Which way to use for recording the information read is up to you.

Writing a term paper. Step 3. Thinking about the topic

After you finish reading, do not just start to write. Think about what you have read and discuss it with someone, for example, your classmates or your friends. Develop your personal position on the problem and formulate the thesis statement.

Writing a term paper. Step 4. Planning

You can make a plan in a form of a connected argument or a series of related heading organized so that it makes sense. In fact, planning is another way of thinking about your topic.

Writing a term paper. Step 5. Writing and Editing

Do not think too much or wait too long if you cannot start writing. Just write down your thoughts as they come up to your mind. Always keep an eye to your plan. Do not try to combine writing the term paper and editing. They are different skills. Start editing after having a good rest.

Finally, before you hand in your term paper, make sure it looks well. Make sure your references are notes. Add a booklist. Type your paper cleanly.

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