How To Write An Article Review


How To Write An Article Review: What Tips Should You Know?

Let us examine how to write a critique and how to write an article review?

Article review and criticism overlap. The terms are used indiscriminately; yet there is a distinction between them.

The best approach to such a distinction, probably, is to say that article review is primarily a news function.

In criticism, the emphasis is on appraisal; in article review - on information.

How to write a review: the Main Rules of Writing

Yet good reviewing has some of the quality of criticism.

  1. Article review misses its purpose unless it gives the reader an adequate idea of what the new article or book is about.
  2. If it goes on to describe the method, the technique employed by the writer that is simply additional information, which may or may not be important.
  3. When, in passing judgment, it says merely that the book or article is good or bad, when it rates the work as better or worse, than its author's last performance, such statements can reasonably be regarded as merely extensions of the news function.
  4. What the article reviewer is then giving is also information, based on his judgment and opinion; it cannot be called, in the fullest sense, criticism.

The Advices of Professionals

If the article reviewer goes still further and places the work in question in its relation to a literary trend.

Thus it makes its significance clear, or if the judgment he has passed on it is presented within a frame of reference built out of the reviewer's standards, his knowledge of the field involved and of the best work, which has been done in it, then he may be said to have written interpretative criticism.

His work has been in the direction of what the article review, on its best level, should be.

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