How To Write An Essay Outline


How To Write An Essay Outline: What Are The Main Tips?

  • An outline or skeleton of the essay writing is a guide to orderly, coherent, effective writing. It may seem a useless bit of trouble to outline anything so brief but it is not.
  • In the end, the outline of any written work, even of a social letter, will reduce the labor involved, and at the same time greatly improve the paper.
  • If you know how to how to write outline it means that you know how to write a good essay. Essay outlines will help you to break your thesis statement in a clear, structural manner. If your outlines will be written good, it will be more easier for you to write an essay.
  • Writing academic essay outlines, you should use the basic format, that is series of numbers and letters that show levels of importance.
  • Here is free essay outline for you to understand how to write it. Write your one according to this essay outline sample this will give you a good idea how to write an essay on any topic you need.

Essay Outline Sample:


Attract reader’s attention to the problem. Why is the issue so important?

State the thesis.

Your position on the essay topic, the main ideas that will develop your arguments.


First idea, assertion, explanation

  • Supporting evidence (facts, quotation, examples, details)
  • Supporting evidence

Second idea.

  • Supporting evidence
  • Supporting evidence

Third idea.

(if you have the fourth ideas and more continue to write them with explanation and supporting evidence )

  • Supporting evidence
  • Supporting evidence

Restate your main ideas, points and thesis statement. Do not add any new information. The final statement must be memorable.

Well, you know how to write essay outline, make your one by analogy.

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