Illustration Essay


Illustration Essay

As the title suggests, illustration essay should illustrate something.  Usually, you will be given the specific topic for your illustration essay writing.  However, your teacher will not write an essay for you.  We decided to help you with your writing endeavors: below is the short sample illustration custom essay written about racism. Please take into account that illustration essay is not analytical and is not descriptive.  Therefore, your task is not to describe something or analyze it. Your task is to show this something to the reader. If you need individual help of personal tutor with writing your illustration essay, try our professional illustration custom essay writing services. We are open 24/7 and we do not ignore your inquiries. 

Illustration Essay Sample: Racism

Many well-meaning American "liberals" mistakingly regard racism as the underlying cause of most evils in their society, instead of viewing it as but a fairly superficial symptom of much more widespread and basic problems. (Thus racial discrimination in housing is almost impossible to abolish effectively under a system that allows unlimited individual ownership of real estate and private control of the housing market.) Many "liberals" see a panacea in "whitewashing" their black fellow countrymen; they conceive of the struggle for the abolition of racial discrimination as a process of "bourgeoisification" of America.

Broadly speaking, ideological and political developments in the United States can take, it seems to me, two directions. Indeed, the present civil rights conflict has simultaneously activated and exacerbated both of these tendencies. On the one hand, there can be a generalized political radicalization of American society along socialist or "new left" lines, with the clear realization that race is an epiphenomenon devoid of intrinsic significance and that present conflicts and problems transcend race. (The "Great Society" program seems a timid attempt to graft some aspects of new left ideology onto old-fashioned liberalism, but the radical left is still very much a voice in the wilderness.)

The other alternative, of course, is militant black separatism, such as cropped up in both religious and secular versions. For demographic if for no other reasons black separatism does not have much of a long-range future, but its potential for short-range chaos is impressive.

Pluralism and even separatism can be viable policy alternatives if a group meets certain conditions of relative size, geographical concentration, economic self-sufficiency, and cultural distinctiveness and autonomy. Beyond the specific stigma of skin pigmentation and its numerous social and psychological consequences, Negro Americans have virtually nothing more in common than they do with any other Americans; and stigmatization itself, of course, is far from being a Negro monopoly. Surely a stigma can never be the basis of a program; it can at best become a slogan. It is easy enough to understand how the folly of white segregation generates the counterfolly of black separatism, but the prospect is not very appealing. The United States is now in the ironic situation of seeing integration ideology change camps as the country painfully gropes toward a resolution of social conflicts. Let us hope that the integrationists are not going to be defined as the next generation of Uncle Toms.

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