Marketing Term Paper Topics


Marketing Term Paper Topics

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Different Types of Marketing Term Paper Topics

Generally, marketing term paper topics are divided into four sections, upon which students may choose their own topics, which are closer to their study branch.

Marketing term paper topics have four sections, such as marketing communication (1), competition (2), marketing strategies (3) and sales (4).

 Let us consider each of these sections closer.

Here some topics, which concern topics, aimed at organization of communication of administration and employees:

  • Product which has success at the market: does it need additional marketing communication developing system?
  • The marketing and the product mix: what is marketing communication for these two terms? Is it important for an organization?
  • Customer attraction by a marketing communication and help the organization to increase profits
  • Reducing a negative publicity with the help of marketing communication
  • Here are topics, which discuss the importance of competition for the market and its ability to help organization to gain reputation:
  • Small and big businesses: what branches of the market are better for the competition?
  • Is it better to take a lead role or accept competition?
  • Competition’s mistakes and real figures of failures
  • Success in competition: how can organizations reach this goal?
  • Fighting the competition: impossible way of leading business

Here are topics, which are devoted to marketing strategies that may help to gain success in business:

  • Marketing context and several types of marketing strategies
  • Should company change the marketing strategies to reach the goal?
  • Product life cycle and marketing strategies of sales
  • Cost leadership strategy and marketing reasons for that
  • Retail sales: is it the best variant of marketing strategies?

If you want to write about sales, you may use the following topics:

  • Customer management and the conditions of increasing sales
  • Organization is born by sales and dies from sales
  • Why are sales managers in great demand even during an economical crisis?
  • Strong marketing strategies concerning sales: what are they?

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