MLA Essay Format


MLA Essay Format

It is not easy to find guidelines on referencing in MLA format.  However, MLA essay format is not limited to Works Cited page only.  If you have to write MLA essay format, you should start with the cover page.  At minimum, you should include your name, topic and date.  Each page should have on average three, fully-developed paragraph.  One paragraph should consist of 7-9 sentences united by a topic sentence.  If you are not sure how to put your essay in MLA format, try our essay writingservice. is your personal assistant in essay writing.  Custom essays we write pass plagiarism-detecting test.  Moreover, your essay will no be posted online. Custom essay is an original paper written from scratch by an educated writer.  Try our services and you will definitely return to us for more help because we have no competitors in quality writing!

Essay sample

There are those, including even reputable hydrologists, or water scientists, who have themselves indulged in water "dowsing," or "witching." This controversial seeking of water with a forked stick dates far back to ancient times, and among the early Romans were those men called aquileges whose job it was to find wells. Surprisingly, dowsing persists even in today's electronic and nuclear age. Among its most vociferous supporters was the novelist Kenneth Roberts, author of Northwest Passage, Lydia Bailey, and many other best-selling books. Once a newspaper reporter, Roberts claimed that he reported facts only in his books on water dowsing. One seemingly remarkable record reported by Roberts was that of Henry Gross, a dowser credited with locating hundreds of wells.

In a day when hydrologists are using radioactive tracers, electronic-measurement techniques, and seismic recordings to find groundwater accurately, it is easy to laugh off claims of dowsers. Perhaps it is too easy, and in view of what other scientists are learning about the effects of electromagnetic waves on all living things, including men who carry hazel wands, perhaps we should keep an open mind about the business of prospecting for water with a forked stick and an inborn gift for interpreting what the stick has to say. Despite the ridicule of scientists, and the bad name conferred on dowsing by the many frauds practicing it, the idea that man possesses some mysterious ability to detect water persists as strongly today as it did thousands of years ago. And, surprisingly, there are more scientists who are looking at the phenomenon with an open mind and investigating carefully to find a scientific basis for it.

Among those men who feel that there is more to dowsing than old wives' tales is Dr. Yves A. Rocard, Director of the Laboratory of Physics of the École Normal Supérieur at the University of Paris. Rocard says this in a recent paper: In all events it appears undeniable that above-ground dowsers obtain, when certain physical conditions are present, a signal which is the involuntary upward or downward movement of the firmly held rod. It is independent of their will if they are employed solely in maintaining their grip. The interpretations of this signal in terms of water are very doubtful. Nevertheless, a correlation with the presence of water is manifested quite often.

Dr. Rocard then goes on to describe his own tests of dowsers, which indicate the ability of these men to detect very weak magnetic fields, and to exhibit this detection through unconscious muscular movements. The scientist feels that in this manner a dowser may actually be detecting the presence of slight changes in the earth's local magnetic fields caused by electricity generated by water filtering through porous material underground.

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