MLA Research Paper Outline


MLA Research Paper Outline: The Purpose

The purpose of the outline writing is to help you develop a logical presentation of information, to organize materials in a coherent manner, to trace and reveal connections between different sets of data, and to create a solid plan for your writing.

There are two types of outline: working and final.

  • Working outline is traditionally an informal list of topics and topic ideas you were thinking about while gathering ideas for your research paper. In many cases, instructor may require a working outline before you start writing your research. Why does your tutor need a working outline? By looking at your working outline, an instructor is able to determine whether you are moving in the right direction or need additional help with ideas.
  • Final outline is a formal plan which is used to maintain coherence of your research paper. Final outline is often required to be submitted along with the final research paper draft. Final outline should be well-written and follow the requirements given by your instructor.

This article is written with the purpose to assist you with creating proper MLA research paper outline. So, let’s take a look at the essential elements of MLA research paper outline.

Essential Elements of MLA Research Paper Outline

  • The outline is placed on a separate page with the word “Outline” centered on the top
  • Right below the “outline” word, you need to put your thesis statement in all capital letters.
  • Outline pages should be numbered with roman numerals
  • Outline must be written in complete sentences (no fragments or incomplete segments!)
  • The outline must be written in the same font as the rest of the research paper
  • The MLA research paper outline should be double-spaced, no additional spaces are allowed

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Outline writing is only the first step of research paper writing process. However, it is not the easiest one as you have to decide on the backbone of the whole research project. Therefore, you should be very careful to create a thoughtful outline.

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