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Online Free Essays

If you are writing an essay, you should keep in mind that using online free essays is not the best decision. Why?  There are several reasons:

Firstly, online free essays are accessible to every person. Thus, your teacher may find online free essays as well.

Secondly, online free essays may not be written in accordance to your topic requirements. Consequently, irrelevant content decreases your grade.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that you may not take advantage of the online free essays. One of the legitimate ways to use free online essays is to gain ideas about the topic and flow of information. Here are two excerpts from online free essays:

Excerpts from Online Free Essays

….”The meager sex information that a great many young men and women have was picked up often on street or playground as children and through the surreptitious reading of forbidden books when these could be found, sometimes by premature sex experiences into which they were led by older children or adults, and occasionally through inadequate and embarrassed instruction by parents. Even those who as children receive sex instruction from trained, capable persons, usually do not later, before marriage, receive the much more intimate and definite knowledge of sex anatomy and psychology which aids so much in making marriage successful. Those who study cases of sexual maladjustment testify to the appalling amount of ignorance revealed. A man who has for many years lectured in all parts of the country on social hygiene gave the writer a large number of questions asked him by teachers, students, parents and others, and from all types there came a surprising percentage of questions that revealed the most appalling sex ignorance”….

….”Mention of typical examples of ignorance should convince even the skeptical of the need for sex education. Most men and women have only the vaguest ideas of the internal structure of their own sexual anatomy, and still less about that of the opposite sex. One girl brought up in a sheltered home graduated from a state university so ignorant of sex that she did not know that sex intercourse involved any intromission. Another girl at another state university, upon attending a hygiene class in which sex anatomy and intercourse were described, became hysterical and cried over and over, "My parents never did that! My parents never did that!" She was so disorganized that after a few days she had to withdraw from college. Many wives believe that they should play an utterly passive role in intercourse. Consultation frequently reveals honest, intelligent men who do not know that the wife is supposed to reach a climax (orgasm) such as they themselves reach, and who accordingly admit that they do not know whether their wives ever experience orgasm. A considerable percentage of wives testify that they do not have orgasm in intercourse, and a surprising number do not know that such an experience exists for women. Of the 792 wives in the Terman study, 1 8.3 per cent said they "never" had orgasm, 25.1 per cent "sometimes," 44.5 per cent "usually," and only 22.1 per cent "always." The studies of gynecologists show that it is not particularly uncommon for a couple to be married for years and, upon examination to see why no pregnancy has resulted, to discover that the hymen has never been ruptured. Such illustrations could easily be multiplied”….

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