Persuasive Essay Blood Donation


Persuasive Essay Blood Donation: Several Interesting Ideas

A lot people stay indifferent to the problem of blood donation that is why if you have received a task to write persuasive essay blood donation, you can do nothing but write an essay, which will melt the hearts of the students and persuade them to start donating their blood in order to save people’s lives.

You can start up your persuasive essay blood donation with some impressing statistics such as, for example, that it was calculated in 2008 that each person is able to save 18 lives if he or she makes blood donation once a year. Can you just imagine that? If this figure impresses you, it will also impress the readers of your persuasive essay blood donation and maybe at least one third of them will start thinking about the blood donation in future.

Ideas in Persuasive Essay on Blood Donation Should be POWERFUL!

You see how powerful may be ideas and statements presented in your persuasive essay blood donation? Words are the most powerful tools of influence; use the words and save the people’s lives with the help of your persuasive essay blood donation.

The donated blood is used in order to save different people with different health problems. Innumerate the main cases in your persuasive essay blood donation writing where the donated blood is used for sake of people.

Topics to Explore in Your Persuasive Essay:

  • Car accidents; if the person has lost a lot of blood he or she will never be able to recover without the act of blood transfusion.
  • Surgery; blood is able to help to restore the whole amount of blood of the person who has just had a surgery.
  • Childbirth; if the mother looses too much of the blood during childbirth, the blood will help to restore the whole volume of it in the organism.
  • Cancer or leukemia; blood is able to improve the immunity of the people with such serious diseases, this helps either to save the life or to prolong it. 
  • Blood is also able to improve the ability of the organism to carry the oxygen, which is necessary for keeping al the essential functions of the organism.

You should also deal with two main ways of blood transfusion in your persuasive essay blood donation. You see, sometimes the whole blood received from the donor is transfused to the recipient; sometimes it is divided into its components such a plasma, platelets, red cells, white cells, etc and only necessary components of it are transfused .

And Finally,

Some people are afraid of donating blood as they think that they may contract any disease when they are donating their blood. Think over such an aspect of blood donation in your persuasive essay blood donation. This may be a very interesting and arguable idea to speak about.

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