Persuasive Essay Ideas


Persuasive Essay Ideas

Persuasive essays should be written on the topics that can be argued about.  For example, abortion is a good persuasive essay topic; however, it is too common. In other words, too many papers have already been written about abortion and it is very unlikely that you will ever write something new about abortion. Therefore, you should come up with the topic that is relatively new but interesting.  For example, you can a persuasive essay about Barack Obama and his ability to lead the nation to prosperous future. offers help with custom essay writing.  Essay writing is easy with our help!  We are writing your essay from scratch!

Sample Essay about Water

Just as there is much water in the soil, there is also an abundance of it in the air. Such moisture condenses on the outside of a cool beverage glass or on a bit of metal or rock in the desert. Air-conditioning systems condense much water from the air, as you have perhaps noticed with a home refrigeration system or with one in an automobile. Here is another potential source of fresh water. The idea of the "aerial well" has been given serious consideration, and with good reason. In the publication "Desalination Research and the Water Problem" the National Academy of Sciences points out the potential of the aerial well, or condenser. Moist air passed over a collector with an area of about 100 square yards and cooled by that collector might precipitate as much as 60,000 gallons of water a day.

Presently we extract fertilizer from the atmosphere; someday we may also extract fresh water for drinking or other purposes. Collection of dew by artificial methods is a similar possibility, and "dew ponds" may be improved by modern technology and scientific research to be practical water catchers for domestic and even agricultural use. Surely if the ancients could construct aerial wells of rocks, science can build such wells even better today. In a paper entitled "Aerial Wells: Secondary Sources of Water," Dr. Alfreds R. Jumikis of Rutgers tells the fascinating story of much larger installations for obtaining water from the atmosphere.

During the 1870s, the Russians were engaged in providing water supplies for the Crimea, which they had annexed a century earlier. In the fifth century before Christ the Crimea was a prosperous Greek colony called Tauridus. Its fertile and well-cultivated fields were obviously supplied with plenty of water, but when the Russian engineers attempted to make the Crimea liveable they could not understand how such an arid country could have had plenty of water. In surveying for a pipeline from a spring in the mountains many miles away, an engineer discovered a mysterious network of pipes connected with 114 cisterns in the ancient city of Theodosia. Following the pipes away from the city, he came upon the remains of thirteen huge pyramids of crushed rocks. These pyramids were about 80 by 100 feet at their bases, and more than 30 feet high. What were they? Apparently ancient Theodosia was supplied, not by mountain springs, but by aerial wells. Moist air swept through the pyramids of rock, which cooled it so much that water condensed. Droplets trickled down through the pyramids and were caught and carried the long distance to the cisterns of Theodosia.

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