Persuasive Essay Ideas for Writing


Persuasive Essay Ideas for Writing

Before thinking of some good persuasive essay ideas you have to first understand that a persuasive or argumentative essay has to convince others to agree with your facts, values, argument and conclusion. The ultimate aim of a good persuasive essay is to get the reader to adopt your way of thinking.

To make the best use of convincing persuasive essay ideas you should:

  • Have a confident tone
  • Support the central argument with established data
  • Spell out the ideals and values you uphold based upon solid facts
  • Consider the audience for the right perspective
  • Prioritize, sequence and edit your facts and values in order of importance to build up on the argument
  • Draw a conclusion
  • Persuade your audience to accept your conclusion.

Persuasive Essay Ideas to Develop

  • To get some really good persuasive essay ideas, write out the questions in your own words. Ask yourself if the questions posed in the assignment are reflected in your persuasive essay ideas.
  • Read attentively in the researching stage to determine the facts. Make sure that you clearly state the views of reliable sources along with proper referencing and formatting styles.
  • Analyze the values or prejudices that are related to the topic to get more persuasive essay ideas
  • Offer your analysis/view of the  author's argument
  • Prioritize the more important points first and the rest in logical order of importance. Fill in grey areas with your own views, provided these are backed by solid findings.
  • Keep your reader in the hot seat. If this is a controversial topic then jot down all the controversy triggers around it, including possible emotional issues and use these as forces to generate more persuasive essay ideas
  • Write a draft of your essay on persuasive essay ideas before you actually begin to write it. In this stage note down points that accurately reflect the reading research source. Grammar or spellings are not really issues at this stage because you are merely telegraphing the order of the points to yourself. Grammar and spelling will count later when you start elaborating on these points in the actual essay.
  • Introduce the topic by informing your reader of your point of view and motivating him/her to read further.

Search your college archives for more persuasive essay ideas.

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