Persuasive Essay on Internet Disadvantages


Persuasive Essay on Internet Disadvantages: Free Guidelines

Persuasive essay is not a difficult kind of assignment, as you have already produced loads of them during your studies. But what to do in case you have to complete a persuasive essay on internet disadvantages? Perhaps an idea of internet disadvantages never came to your mind. But to write a persuasive essay on internet disadvantages is not as difficult task as it may firstly seem. Though internet has lots of advantages, disadvantages still exist, and there is a lot to think and to write about. So, get your head together and let us get started!

Persuasive Essay Format Elements

In the introductory part of your persuasive essay on internet disadvantages write about the way internet has globally influenced our lives. Nowadays the world turned into a big village, as due to internet you can easily talk to your friend who lives in another part of the planet. Like every innovation, internet has its own pros and cons, so in the introduction briefly name some of its advantages.

In the main body of your persuasive essay on internet disadvantages convey the idea that use of internet can be dangerous and harmful. You should sound persuasive, so do some research in order to find facts and data confirming your ideas. Some disadvantages to discuss are the following:

  • Virus threat. You can never be sure your computer is 100% protected from viruses, if it is attached to internet. In the worst case you will have to buy a new hard disc for your computer.
  • Theft of information. Every day you face a danger of your personal information being stolen. If your address and credit card number are accessed by other people, you might have big problems.
  • Spamming is one more disadvantage internet users face. Being illegal, these messages can obstruct the work of the entire system.
  • Pornography is especially dangerous for children’s mental health.
  • Internet addiction is considered to be a new disease! That is why it is important to control the time you spend before the monitor of your computer.

Persuasive Essay Conclusion

In conclusion of your persuasive essay on internet disadvantages sum up your arguments and say, that internet can be not as harmless as it seems. The development of science and informational technologies brings not only comfort, but also some pitfalls which people must be aware of. We hope that using piece of information it will be much easier to complete your persuasive essay on internet disadvantages. 

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