Persuasive Essay Outline


Persuasive Essay Outline

A persuasive essay is a kind of paper that aims to use logic to prove that one idea is more reasonable than the other one. The main purpose of a persuasive essay writer is to incline the reader to accept his/her point of view. Needless to say, a good persuasive essay should be based on a good and detailed persuasive essay outline. So, in this article, we will tell how to create an effective persuasive essay outline.

Choose your standpoint

Before you actually start creating a persuasive essay outline, you need to see clearly what you aim to prove. That is why your first step in making a persuasive essay outline is to determine your own position on the problem.

Analyze your reader

Try to predict whether your reader will agree, disagree, or stay neutral to what you are going to write about. The analysis of your audience is one more step to an effective persuasive essay outline and a successful paper.

Break down your essay idea into 3 main parts

As you know, any kind of essay consists of an introduction, the main body, and conclusion. So, this will be the framework of your persuasive essay outline.

Take a big poster and write down your thesis in the centre

It is necessary for your persuasive essay outline to have a focus. So, formulate your position in one sentence and present it in your persuasive essay outline.

Present the supporting idea # 1

You have certainly decided what ideas might help you support the thesis statement. Now draw an arrow from your thesis statement up to the first supporting idea in your persuasive essay outline. Make notes on the examples you are going to include into your paper.

Present the supporting idea # 2

Draw the second arrow from your thesis statement up to the second supporting idea. Formulate it briefly and give an example. This idea that you will present in your persuasive essay outline should differ from the previous one in the perspective you consider the topic from.

Present the supporting idea # 3

The last idea for you to represent in the persuasive essay outline should also be different from two previous ones. For example, the first supporting idea may be a quotation of a famous person; the second one may be statistical data; and the third one may be a real life example, and you will reflect each of them in your persuasive essay outline.

Thus, you will represent the form and the content of your future essay in the detailed persuasive essay outline.

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