Persuasive Essay Prompts


Persuasive Essay Prompts

For many students writing a persuasive essay is a real problem. The reason is that persuasion requires logic and reasonable explanations to show that your idea is more accurate than any other one. If persuasive essay writing is difficult to you, make use of the persuasive essay prompts presented in this article.

What steps should be taken

It will be much easier for you to organize your paper if you know exactly what steps should be taken in order to produce an excellent persuasive essay. So, the persuasive essay prompts given below will help you do it.

Persuasive essay prompts: Step # 1. Choosing your position

If you are already given a problem for discussion, think over your personal statement. Do you agree or disagree that something should be done? Answer this question to formulate a thesis statement for your paper.

Persuasive essay prompts: Step # 2. Analyzing your reader

Now, you have to forecast what the reaction of your reader will be like after you present the personal statement. Will the reader agree, disagree with it, or just stay indifferent?

Persuasive essay prompts: Step # 3. Researching the topic

A good persuasive essay requires strong arguments and valid evidences. It means that you need to conduct research and find several evidences to prove that you are right.

Persuasive essay prompts: Step # 4. Structuring your paper 

Most likely, your persuasive essay will consist of 5 paragraphs. The introductory part where your thesis will be stated, the main body where at least 3 points should be provided and supported with examples and evidences, and conclusion.

Persuasive essay prompts: Step # 5. Editing

Check the grammar, spelling, and stylistics.

Persuasive essay prompts on how to support your arguments effectively

There are different means to persuade the reader in accuracy of your assumptions. Below are persuasive essay prompts that will help to support your arguments perfectly.

Use facts

Facts can be got while reading or observing something. Fact is something that was proved long ago. Do not confuse it with something that people believe to be true but cannot prove.

Resort to statistics

Statistical data is what will help to make your paper excellent indeed. What is more, it will reveal your perfect research abilities to the reader. Just make sure to cite the source from which statistics was taken. Besides, care about the reliability of statistical data.

Include quotations

Direct quotations by famous researchers/experts are a valuable means of supporting your argument. However, any quotation should be properly formatted as well. 

Give examples

You can use real life examples for your persuasive essay, thus, to make it well grounded. Think about the examples that would better illustrate that your argument is true.

Make use of the persuasive essay prompts given above, and you are sure to succeed!

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