Persuasive Essay Topic


Persuasive Essay Topic: Tips for Success

Your life is extremely busy, you are always in a hurry... Does your new assignment interfere with your plans for tonight? We are here to help you find an appropriate persuasive essay topic. But before you start, make sure you know what persuasive essay is. Keep in mind that your purpose here is to persuade, not just provide appropriate facts and data.

If you are not assigned a specific topic, you have freedom to choose a persuasive essay topic yourself, which makes your life much easier. In this paper you shall find some useful examples of persuasive essays topics:

Idea #1

Abortion: Operation or Crime? In these days, abortion remains one of the most burning issues to discuss. It is widely disputed by sociologists, politicians and common people. So if you resolve to write on this topic, try to provide some arguments, supporting both points of view. But do not forget that your aim here is to make your position absolutely clear, so try to sound as persuasive as possible.

Idea #2

Death penalty: Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth. This persuasive essay topic also      provides a great field for a discussion. This issue has remained topical during all the history of humanity, people cannot come to a common conclusion even in the civilized 21st century. Can anybody kill a person as a measure of punishment? Firstly, decide for yourself whether you are for or against, and then go!

Idea #3

Cloning: For or Against? Cloning has become a revolutionary invention in biotechnology. If you choose cloning as your persuasive essay topic, it would be very easy to find lots of interesting information. Still, cloning of people is highly controversial. Scientists think that it would be possible to use clones to save lives of thousands people, but many religious organizations are against it. What is your point of view? 

As you see, it is not difficult to find a persuasive essay topic which would be interesting to discuss. If you have to choose among some persuasive essays topics, choose the one for which it would be easier to find arguments for and against. When stating some arguments which you do not agree with, give solid reasons why you do not support these points of view. One more piece of advice: believe what you say, and say only what you are sure of. It will make your essay sound really persuasive and will guarantee you an A+.

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