Persuasive Essay Topics


Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Sometimes teachers do not specify topics for persuasive essays. On the one hand, this fact causes enthusiasm, since thus, students are free to choose any topics they like. However, on the other hand, it is rather difficult to choose good persuasive essay topics and not regret later that too much time was spent on the investigation of the wrong topic. In this article, we will explain what good persuasive essay topics mean and how to make sure that the topic selected is rather good.

Good persuasive essay topics should be interesting

Very often, students fail to write persuasive essays properly since the topic was specified by a tutor without asking whether it is interesting for them or not. However, it is extremely important for a writer to be interested in what he/she discusses and writes about. So, remember, good persuasive essay topics should call interest and motivation to research them.

Good persuasive essay topics should be controversial

Hardly will you be much involved into writing your persuasive essay if there is nothing to discuss about the topic. Good persuasive essay topics usually have a note of controversy, and your purpose is to disentangle this controversy by providing enough evidences to show that your assumptions are the only correct ones.

Good persuasive essay topics call a desire to argue in the reader

Surf the Web. There are lots of articles on the Internet, and some titles attract your attention at once. Some of them seem to ask us to read them just in order to reveal their secret and get some information. However, there are also titles that attract the reader’s attention because they call a desire to argue in the reader. If you face such titles when surfing the Web, be sure they can serve as good persuasive essay topics.

Now, let us offer you several good persuasive essay topics. You may select one of them, research, write an excellent essay, and get the highest grade on it.

  • Global warming: should we stop developing our civilization?
  • Decision making: should we act or trust our destiny?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of computers and the Internet technologies;
  • Plagiarism: a need or the manifestation of immorality?
  • Fast food: its advantages and disadvantages;
  • Should the capital punishment be legalized?

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