Photographic Essay


Photographic Essay: Free Guidelines

Photography is no doubt one of the most captivating arts. If it is your hobby, be sure you will never get bored, just do not forget to take your camera with you. But what to do if you are assigned to write a photographic essay? Let us guess why you are stuck with your photographic essay. Your teacher must have failed to make the topic more specific, that is why it is so difficult to make up your mind. If you need help with writing your essay, do not hesitate to order custom essay services at our site! Our professional custom essay writers will not let you down as they deliver 100% original essays written from scratch!

So, here you will find some useful topics to discuss in a photographic essay, we hope that you will choose the one which will be the most interesting for you.

Photographic Essay: idea #1. History of photography

If you resolve to write on history of photography, you can start with demonstrating your knowledge of technical discoveries, preceding its invention. For example, you can write about pinhole camera and camera obscura, which had been invented long before the first photocamera appeared. It would also be good if you mention the inventions in chemistry, without which first photos would have never appeared, e.g. silver chloride and silver nitrate. Of course, do not forget to mention the year, when the first picture was made, and its inventor. You do not need to make a summary of all history of photography, just try to pick up some interesting facts and show your teacher that you have studied the subject thoroughly.

Photographic Essay: idea #2. Use of photography

The use of photography is a catchy issue to discuss in your photographic essay. As you know, photography is widely used in practically all spheres of human life. These are only a few things to cover in your essayon photography uses:

  • Science: recording and studying movements.
  • Art: photographic representation of reality.
  • Military and police: recognition and data storage.
  • Amateurs: preserving memories and entertaining.

Photographic Essay: idea #3. Black & White or Color?

As you know, first photos were black-and-white. Even after color pictures were invented, many photographers continued to work with black-and-white only. Depending on your preferences, you can write about advantages and disadvantages of both. For instance, if you like black-and-white pictures better, write about their “classic” photographic look and try to explain why many modern photographers use various techniques to create black-and-white pictures with their digital cameras.

We hope that you will make use of some of these ideas. But whatever you choose to write about, keep in mind that it is very important to get interested in the topic, because only your personal interest will guarantee the high quality of your photographic essay!

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